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Wisconsin Plastic Injection Molded Medical Gears

Tri-Tec Corporation is a leading producer of plastic injection molded medical gears in Wisconsin. We specialize in custom molded plastic parts, including the design of plastic molded parts, production of these parts in Tri-Tec’s plastic molding facility. Our team of experts works to ensure proper optimization of gears and precision component parts. Tri-Tec Corporation works closely with customers because we believe collaboration provides insight and new ideas that result in competitive pricing with our quality guarantee. Our in-house designers and engineers provide quality parts and services to lead Wisconsin plastic gears production from concept to completion.

Project Description

A client in Hong Kong/Vietnam contacted Tri-Tec Corporation, citing a need to expedite production and delivery of the gears. These gears are used for patient wristband label printers in hospitals around the world: the present pandemic made this an expeditious request that we at Tri-Tec Corporation attempted to honor. This process normally takes eight weeks.

Diagnosis and Solutions

We acted immediately as demand spiked and informed our client that we would expedite materials and orders to produce these parts. Tri- Tec was able to increase the production of these plastic gears through an injection-mold process in about four weeks.


As a customer-first business, we are uniquely qualified to respond to market-based needs. Our client was very thankful and appreciated our efforts to expedite their order. As a result, our swift action and responsive work, the client was able to not only increase sales volume but also assist hospitals in the growing need for materials during this pandemic. Our skilled workforce offers customized solutions and Tri-Tec Corporation can mold any grade of material from commodity-grade plastics, to engineering, functional, and structural grade materials. Tri-Tec Corporation has the flexibility, versatility, and know-how to provide Wisconsin plastic gears production and services. Contact Tri-Tec Corporation today to learn more about how we can help you accomplish the needs of your business in both a time and cost effective manner.

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