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Plastic molding is a versatile industry. In fact, look around you. Many of the things you see are products of precision plastic molding. However, not many people think about that. From small coil winding bobbins to plastic gears and components, precision plastic molding is all around you. Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities of precision plastic molding to get a better sense of what we do here at Tri-Tec Corp.

1. Insert Molding & Over Molding

Insert molding is a highly efficient alternative to the assembly of discrete parts. It reduces assembly and labor costs. In addition, it increases design flexibility and part reliability. With decades of experience, Tri-Tec is a proven expert at over-molding plastic, metals, and magnets.

2. Internal Threads

Tri-Tec’s vast experience with precision internal threads has yielded extremely successful results for customers. For example, we utilize highly engineered prime resins for efficiency and strength. Moreover, we produce internal threads of up to 8 starts with a pitch ranging from .012″ to 1.20″ in both fully plastic and metal/plastic hybrid variations.

3. Product Design & Optimization

Tri-Tec design and optimization services provide a wide range of solutions aimed at addressing this challenge. Such as:

  • Precision plastic gear design.
  • Complete gear train design.
  • Analysis of existing plastic part designs.

The effective function of a plastic gear depends on the accuracy of its design and manufacturing. In fact, teamwork among dedicated professionals is what makes our products the best. Also, we actively cooperative our efforts in order to bring to market through a consistent and repeatable production process.

4. Custom Precision Plastic Molding

Tri-Tec Corporation is a custom plastic injection molder in Wisconsin. In fact, we have particular expertise in producing gears and precision plastic components.  Our in-house designers and engineers specialize in gear design, difficult-to-process engineering resins, and metal replacement.  We are dedicated to bringing customer products from concept to completion by providing quality parts and services.

Contact Tri-Tec Corp Today!

Tri-Tec Corporation is a custom plastic injection molding company specializing in design, production, and optimization of gears and precision component parts. Contact us today if you want to bring your plastic mold idea to life!

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