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Plasti-Coil Name Change To Midwest Precision Molding

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Plasti-Coil Tri-Tech Corporation has undergone a complete rebrand and changed its name to Midwest Precision Molding (MPM). This change was made effective on January 1, 2021. Wisconsin’s leading provider of plastic injection molding for nearly 40 years, MPM is excited to continue its tradition of excellence, precision and client satisfaction in the great state of Wisconsin.

Plasti-Coil was purchased by Larry Austin, of Walworth, Wisconsin, and his wife Joanne in July of 2015. More recently, Larry and Joanne purchased Tri-Tec Corporation, another plastics company located in Darien, Wisconsin. Together, they are MPM. MPM is currently located in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. They continue their goal of growing their network of companies by working with existing customers to become their preferred plastic supplier.

To learn more about the history MPM and the work capabilities of this great company, click here.

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