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Terminal/Pin Insertion Molded Plastics

At Midwest Precision Molding (MPM), we produce millions of plastic injection molded bobbins annually and provide many secondary operations such as terminal and pin insertion. We operate many specialized machines that make this process possible. After the injection molding of the bobbins, we can either insert one of many types of quick connect terminals, or you can choose from many different wire sizes for pinning to tie off after the coil winding operation.

We perform the terminal insertion or pinning procedures for many customers. We have also had many instances where the customer requirements call for the insert molding of the pins/terminals. This procedure is accomplished with specifically designed tools where the bobbin is molded with the pin/terminal molded in it.

The next time you need a plastic injection molded bobbin with pins or terminals, give us a call and let us quote it for you. See the MPM difference, done right the first time, every time!

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