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Insert Molding & Overmolding

Insert Molding

Plastic insert molding is a custom molding process where plastic is injected into the mold to encapsulate (either fully or partially) a part that was placed into the mold just prior to the injection of plastic. The inserts are generally metal or some higher temperature plastic.

Insert molding can be an effective alternative to the assembly of multiple parts. Benefits include:

  • Reduced assembly and labor costs
  • Increased reliability by eliminating adhesives and fasteners
  • Increased design flexibility


Overmolding is the injection molding process whereby two or more plastic and/or elastomeric materials are molded simultaneously within the same tool. Proper material selection is critical to assure the materials will remain bonded over the life of the part. Plus, overmolding has additional advantages of:

  • Design flexibility by adding molded-in features include:
  • The addition of elastomeric material to a rigid component
  • Reduced assembly costs