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Badger Students Win Contest with Promo Video

High school students made us a recruitment video, and it won the Badger Video Contest! It was great to help the students learn more about our business and give them a peek inside.

What’s the Best Part of Working Here?

To start, the best part of working for Tri-Tec is the location: Lake Geneva. We have a beautiful facility here where all our employees can interact and work together. You can see everyone out there, about 50 people total. We know all of them, we have a good time with them, and we’re keeping business here in Wisconsin.

As a growing manufacturing company, it’s great to know business is staying here, and we love getting out of the office and onto the floor to see all our people. Our CEO makes a point that it’s important to get to know everybody and connect with them every day.

Are There Opportunities for Advancement?

There are plenty of opportunities for advancement here. We have many employees that have worked here for years and assumed many different roles in that time. Our ultimate goal is to grow, which opens up plenty of positions for people to move into.

People interested in engineering, mechanics, and robotics definitely have opportunities here. We are looking into automating more jobs, which opens up roles for operating and maintaining the machines.

What Kind of Benefits Are Available to Workers?

All our employees are offered a full health insurance plan, disability insurance, and generous vacation and paid time off. Probably the biggest thing is our 401K plan we give employees. All employees are able to contribute to their own 401K, and we have a profit-sharing system where we match employees investments up to 50 percent.

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